In the evening of 5th September  2018, Pha Rung Shipbuilding Co. Ltd held the launching ceremony for 6,500 DWT oil chemical tanker "YN BUSAN" and the block erection ceremony for 6.500 DWT BS-03.

Mr. Do Thanh Hung, Member of the Board of  Shipbuilding Industry Corporation; Mr. Ngo Tung Lam - Deputy General Director of Shipbuilding Industry Company; Mr. Kim Yong Soo - Chairman of BS Tanker and representatives of relevant agencies attended this event.

In 2016, Pha Rung Shipbuilding Co. Ltd signed a new building contract for a series of 6,500 DWT oil chemical tankers for Korean ship owner. The company has been mobilizing high quality human resources, applying the latest and most modern technology in shipbuilding industry in order to complete the order on schedule and with high quality. The first vessel of the series, BS-01 named "YN YEOSU" was successfully in sea trial and is expected to be handed over in May 2018.

The "YN BUSAN" oil chemical tanker has a dead weight of 6,500 tons, length of 109.45m, width of 18.20m, draft of 6.8m, a cargo oil tank capacity of 7,700m3, a speed of 13 nautical/hour, Japanese main engine LH46L-2942KW, crew on board is 18.

It is designed by Asia Ship Design & Consultants Co., Ltd and classed by Korea Register. Most of equipments are from Korea, Japan and Europe.

At the launching ceremony, leaders of Pha Rung Shipbuilding Co. Ltd and other related authorities appreciated the effort and professionalism in leadership, direction, management and implementation of officials, workers and people  here and at the same time, they emphasized to continue to complete and hand over two tankers BS-01 and BS-02 in 2018 and BS-03 at the end of January 2019.


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