SBIC after one year of operation

-          In 2014, the Corporation handed over 76/71 ships, exceed 5 ships compared to  the plan.

-          Production value reaching 100,1% compared to the plan.

-          Revenue reaching 128,96% compared to the plan.

-          8 unit member profit’s VND 423,58 billion with nearly 6,000 employees who are full-employed, the average income of VND 5,7 million per month for one person.


Minister of Transport, Mr. Dinh La Thang praising its efforts to overcome difficulties and complete the set plan of SBIC in 2014.
After being converted from Vietnam Shipbuilding Industry Group, 2014 was the first year of Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (SBIC). All new ships were handed over  76/71 ships, exceeded 5 ships. In which, there were 33 export ships with value of USD $33.99 million and 43 domestic ships with value of USD $166 million . The production value has reached VND 5.719 billion, by 100.1% compared with registered plan in 2014. In particular, building and repairing ships have reached VND 4.745 billion. The revenue and other income has reached VND 7.642 billion, by 128.96% compared with the plan in 2014. In particular, building and repairing ships have reached VND 3.780 billion. Excluding revenues from restructuring, the sales of the Corporation is expected to reach VND 5.739 billion, equivalent 101.6% of plan in 2014. Total labor till on 31st December 2014 is 16,500 people. In particular, the number of staff having works is 14,800 people, there are 1.700 labor out of employment . The average income per labor in 2014 of the Corporation is VND 4.89 million per month for one person.
For 8 units retained in the model of the Corporation including Ha Long, Pha Rung, Bach Dang, Song Cam, Thinh Long, Cam Ranh, Saigon Shipbuilding Industry and Saigon Shipmarin, the value of production have reached VND 4.299 billion by 102.6% compared to the plan in 2014. In particular, the shipbuilding has reached VND 3.756 billion by 108% compared to the plan in 2014. Revenue and other income have reached VND 5.264 billion, equivalent 141.3% compared to the plan in 2014. In particular, the revenue from shipbuilding activities has reached VND 2,772 billion by 94.7% compared to the plan in 2014. Excluding other income, the revenue has reached VND 3.388 billion by 90.97%. compared to the plan in 2014. 8 member units have profits of VND 423.58 billion. If excluding other income (from restructuring, liquidation or sale of assets), the 8 retained units have still lost VND 1,452 billion. Total labor till on 31st December 2014 is 5.990 people. The average income of labor in 2014 of 8 retained units is VND 5.7 million per month for one person.
Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Su, Chairman of the Board of Members of SBIC, opening the Session on Summation of 2014.

The Corporation has completed the restructure of 42 units, in which the Corporate has reduced 24 units in the first 9 months of the year and 18 units in the last 3 months of the year (plan registered with the Ministry of Transport is 15 units). In details: dissolve 13 units, transfer fund at 15 units, hand over 4 units, merge 2 units, restructure in other forms (the enterprise is revoked business registration license, performs to withdraw brand fund SBIC is no longer a shareholder) 6 units.

So far the Corporation has completed to restructure focal point reduction of 100 units (Before Decision No.1224/QD-TTg, completed to reduce 36 focal points, after the implementation of  Decision No.1224/QD-TTg till now, continue to reduce 64 units).

According to the results of the review and classification of SBIC and approved by the Ministry of Transport, there are 152 units left of SBIC to be restructured in 2015.

The Corporation has finished to restructure the foreign debts (USD $135 million), the domestic debt in phrase 1 (VND 16.613 billion of principal and interest) and currently continues to focus structure in local debt in phase 2.

On 16th January 2015, SBIC held summation of operation in 2014. Mr. Dinh La Thang, Minister of Transport attended and commented that: The year of 2014 for SBIC has many difficulties, but the corporation has moved to attain many achievements. That effort is shown by having effective business production, keeping the staff's team and demonstrating that the leadership of the Party and the Government in the restructuring of shipbuilding industry is correct. As a result, after 1 year, SBIC has contributed to the overall performance of the Transport industry as: increase ranking level, as well as administrative reforms, including the equitization. The overall picture of SBIC has many bright spots.

             Fishery boat No.KN-781 newly build in Ha Long Shipbuilding Company.


After hearing the presentation of plan’s SBIC in 2015, the Minister said that it was necessary to focus on efficiency, not output or revenue. Select the domestic market was right but it would be better to reach out to the foreign countries. Song Cam was a model for SBIC to multiply the equitization and equitization to change the nature of the business. SBIC must train to develop human resources to prepare for the new era, the restructuring must be faster to change business administration.

2015 is the second year in the operation of SBIC. From the results of the manufacturing business in 2014, SBIC will certainly have a breakthrough. Even in the early days of the new year, the units have deployed the core activity.

About the program of fishing ship with steel shell: The Corporation has implemented the program of sample fishing ship, signed contract of 9/10 sample fishing ship and handed over 7/10 sample fishing ships, deployed 2/10 sample fishing ship, prepared to sign contract of the 10th sample fishing ship. SBIC has also sent documents to the People's Committee and Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of 28 coastal provinces, proposed to support the units of SBIC to participate in the program of newly building fishing ships, recommended approval of 19 units of SBIC to participate in the program of building fishing ships under Decree 67/QD-CP.

Deploy the shipbuilding projects using funds from the budget: The Corporation signed contract of newly building series of fisheries surveillance ship to create main works for a number of units of the Corporation in 2014 and 2015.

The Corporation has also proposed to the Ministry of Transport to allow to participate in the project of 02 ships of maritime security and search, rescue; the project of investigate ships, research of marine environmental resources of the Project 47 proposed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Offer for foreign customer: has plans of offering products of  55,000-dwt-ship, offering self-propelled barges, cargo ships of 58,000 dwt, 30,000-dwt-collier, etc.

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