SBIC and HNX signed the Memorandum of Cooperation

On April 20, 2015, Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) and Shipbuilding Industry Corporation

(SBIC) signed the Memorandum of Cooperation (MOU) to promote the implementation of the restructuring program of SBIC, to enhance the delivery of shares of enterprises of SBIC which have been equitized on listing and registering transactions on the stock market.

 Mr. Tran Van Dung, Chairman of the Board of Directors cum the General Director of HNX and Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Su, Chairman of the Board of  Members of SBIC, representing two units signed the Memorandum of Cooperation.

According to the Memorandum of Cooperation, SBIC will be in coordination with HNX to deploy equitization, auction for sale of shares of SBIC in accordance with SBIC program on equitization which has been approved, while encouraging its affiliates in the process of privatization and divestment of the State to implement auction for sale of shares, divestment through HNX. With the companies having share capital of SBIC, the Corporation will supervise the registration of transactions or listing on the stock market as prescribed.


Besides, the two sides will prioritize divestment following the transaction method on the

exchange for companies listed or registered for trading on the stock market, and be in close coordination to complete the documents, order and procedures for the auction of shares, registration for listing or registration for transactions on HNX of SBIC and the unit members.


 For HNX, the Department will support SBIC and the unit members to plan, schedule and give method of sale of shares under the restructuring scheme which has been approved by the Prime Minister. Besides, HNX will guide training, support the companies having share capital of SBIC to make successful implementation of regulations on information disclosure, corporate governance on the stock market. In addition, the department has done consultancy, guidance to SBIC and its member units to complete documents, sequences, procedures on performed auction and registration of shares traded, listed on the stock market. In the process of implementing privatization and divestment of SBIC and the member units, the Department will also consider proposals to the competent authorities to handle, remove the problems and obstacles.


 On the same day, immediately after the signing ceremony, HNX gave instructions to SBIC and the member units on the contents of the order and procedures for the auction for sale of shares of enterprises in HNX, listing/registering transactions on the stock market, corporate governance and disclosure for public companies.

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