SBIC should focus on fish boat building market for fishermen

The Minister of Transport requires SBIC to make cheap, reliable, efficient fish boats based on purchase and sale agreement.

Do not rely on the specific mechanism


In this morning (10/4), Minister of Transport Dinh La Thang chaired the meeting with SBIC in the status of production, business, restructuring and equitization for the enterprise.


The Minister said that in 2014, the production of SBIC had positive results. Despite many

difficulties, but the road ahead was clear. SBIC has regained confidence and confirmed the directions of the Party and the Government to be absolutely correct.


This year, the market continues its difficulties, especially for the marine businesses when freight rates are increasingly low, lower than that in the crisis period.


So the Minister said that normal efforts would be very difficult, a special effort should be referred to. It is essential to not only ensure business and production plan but also implement a comprehensive restructuring of all fields.


To account for longer plan, according to the Minister, SBIC must leave immediately the thought of reliance on the specific mechanism, and it must have innovative thinking, be more initiative and flexible. "Do not always ask for directors and depend on the specific mechanism. The difficulties here have both objective and subjective ones, we must analysis and evaluate, to choose appropriate solutions. Enlisting the help is needed, but this must be innovative thinking to develop further on the basis of market mechanisms and it cannot be too general, but go on the very specific, aggressive implementation".


The focus is on the fish boat market.


According to Mr. Vu Anh Tuan, General Director of SBIC, in 2015, the Corporation registered business and production plan to be increased more than that in 2014 evaluated by product and market fund. But there are two groups difficult to implement in which is the participation of new fish boat building for fishermen. Under Decree 67, there will be over 2,000 fish boats and 200 fish boats, but there are delays in common implementation. SBIC planned in 2015 a very modest figure of nearly 100 boats. However, the first quarter ended, the implementation still is slow due to several reasons.


At the meeting, the minister agreed SBIC to implement the program of researching new technologies, new materials and said: "In production, innovative thinking is required. Currently, the foreign markets are still very difficult so it is vital to determine that the domestic market is the most important, and the most basic is fist boat building. Actively making all kinds of designs and technologies with reasonable costs. The overall idea is to follow the market, with purchase and sale agreement. If you want to sell boats for fishermen, you need durability. Boats must be seaworthy, cost-effective and safe".

The Minister also requested that shipbuilding technology must comply with the regulations and standards. The Department of Science and Technology (Minister of Transport) must help SBIC to invest in new technologies and build standards and regulations in shipbuilding. "I believe that new materials must be cheaper and better than the old ones. Initial costs may be greater, but when using in 5-10 years, they must be more efficient than ships with old materials. Building 1000 ships must be cheaper as building some. The Department of Science and Technology  must calculate to come up with a reasonable fish boat sample for fishermen and to convince them to use".

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