Science and Technology (S&T) is defined as a key role in the revolution of our country, especially in the industrialization and modernization of the country. A developing industry is always based on a foundation of advanced science and technology, and vice versa, industrial development facilitates the development of science and technology. 
           Since its inception, Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (now Vinashin) has identified "quickly applying modern technology, investment and development to increase capacity, innovation on technology, enhance competitiveness to dominate the domestic market, share regional market and export ship overseas." Thanks to the orientation with the direction and creating favorable conditions of the Party, State and ministries through appropriate mechanisms and the outstanding efforts of the staffs of the whole industry, the Shipbuilding Industry Corporation or Vinashin today has matured important step, as the core switching from potential into reality with a new production capacity, a new level, a new face for the shipbuilding sector in Vietnam.
From 2008 until now, the world economy has entered the crisis leading to the severe downturn affecting the entire world economy, including shipbuilding and transporting which is seen as seriously affected the most. Vietnam's economy including the fledgling shipbuilding industry has no exception. To maintain productivity, and labor resources, the Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (now Vinashin) has the basic moves, such as comprehensive restructuring of resources to adapt to the difficult conditions of the country not only in the short term but in the long term. In such circumstances, along with the executive leadership in directing the work of restructuring and managing the director, the Party Committee, Board of members and leaders of the Corporation also has important steps to promote science and technology and see it as a central objective to maintain and develop the results that the shipbuilding industry has achieved. On September 5th, 2011, the Party Committee of the Corporation issued Resolution No. 07/NQ-DU "Regarding the development of science - technology, ship design, training and development of human resources to meet the requirements for the task of consolidating, maintaining and developing the Corporation in the period of 2011 - 2020, towards 2030". Accordingly, a joint planning program of the Party Committee – Board of Members – Leaders of the Corporation on Science and Technology is in extensive deployment to the member units, Decision No. 150/QD-CNT dated March 14th , 2011 of the Board of Members on "Establishment of working group on planning and researching science and technology, design and development of training of human resources in the Shipbuilding Industry Corporation " showing the determination of the leaders for this work.

In 2012, the Board of members also issued Resolution No. 95/NQ-CNT dated April 20, 2011 approving the outline of the scheme "Development of science and technology and design for ship of the Shipbuilding Industry Corporation in the period of 2011-2012, towards 2030" and proposing 5 science and technology tasks in the level of the Corporation in 2012 and many documents and other specific programs to develop science and technology for the Shipbuilding Industry.

After 18 years of operation (1996-2014), the Shipbuilding Industry Corporation regards the task for researching, developing science and technology as one of the key tasks and has obtained the significant achievements. From research to 3,850 DWT ship, now we able to build 6.500DWT and 11.500 DWT ship series, to serve the needs of the domestic shipping. Some series of 10.000 DWT, 22.000DWT, 34.000DWT, 53.000DWT, 4900 car tankers, 4.500m3 liquefied gas tankers, vessels for the transport of timbers, bulk cement tankers, container ships for export to 1.800TEU, etc. are some proud achievements for Vietnam's shipbuilding industry when recognized in the field of shipbuilding and maritime transport in the world. It can be said that the success of the corporation is associated with operating results on Science and Technology. Each new product is the result of the research, approach and the application of new technology and the leaders in the development of science and technology are also units achieving many accomplishments in the production and business operation of the Shipbuilding Industry Corporation.


About research, design, consultancy and test:

The Corporation has conducted a series of scientific research projects, testing production projects at the level of the State, Ministry and Unit, such as: "Studying the equipment and methods underlying to support big-size shipbuilding"; "Researching and selecting technology for crude oil tanker building with capacity of 100,000 tons in Vietnam"; "Studying to construct the testing pool for ship models in Vietnam"; "Improving the manufacturing technology and putting into use 120T derrick crane"; "Completing the design, and construction of 25,000 tons dock"; "Completing automation technology in the fabrication, assembly, welding of vessel shell to improve the quality of large-sized ship"; "Improving the technology of production of high quality welding materials used in shipbuilding '; "Production of a number of elements and control equipment, measurement importance on ships by standard method module and application of advanced technologies," and most recently the project of "Designing, manufacturing, fishing vessels form by steel shell with casing replacement for wooden boats for fishermen" to standardize the type of steel-hulled form to help fishermen to be eligible for vehicles on fishing offshore to achieve high productivity and reduce risk, etc.

The topics and projects focus on science and technology issues to the industry and contribute to the technology and the typical nature of breakthroughs such as automation for ship design, automatic tole cutting technology, the fundamental technology to serve large shipbuilding, the process of checking the quality of the shipbuilding, etc. and the result is various and qualified products highly appreciated by domestic and international transport providers. Vietnam Fund for Supporting Technological Creations (VIFOTEC) has awarded the first for 03 products: 11,500 tons ship for domestic transport (newly built at Bach Dang), 53.000 tons export ship (newly built in Ha Long and Nam Trieu) and welding materials specialized for shipbuilding.

At the same time, the research and application of information technology and automation is also strongly and effectively deployed in operating the business and production, management, design, consultancy and testing. ShipConstructor software has been successfully deployed on the technical design of export ships in the marking stage, using materials, shell deployment. Automation technology from design to processing changes significantly the quality and productivity of labor.

The efficiency has been achieved

- From the matter that the shipyards of Vietnam could only newly build 3.850 DWT ship and repair small vessels, the current production capacity of the sector has increased dozens of times.

- Design and construction of structural shell of ship by computer replaces totally manual deployment and design.

- Automatically cutting by CNC cutting machine, the material details are arranged by  software to perform in optimal arrangement in respect of each sheet.

- Using technology for precision on structural details which are not guaranteed for residual assembly and design for size and saving materials, labor.

- Applying welding technology fitted with ceramic lining methods to increase productivity, save time.

- Using the perspective assembly drawing of 3D, to reduce confusion, shorten assembly schedule, save space and make arrangement of piping, etc.

- Using laser survey equipment to check the size of the installation process, etc.

Advancements of science and technology has helped the shipbuilding industry (SI) of Vietnam improve product quality, reduce construction time, increase production capacity to integrate into international competition. It is sure that S&T development is not adequate, the Vietnam SI sector cannot get achievements today.

Analyzed from the favorable factor that shipbuilding industry recently in the world after moving from Europe to Asia, is moving strongly into the Southeast Asian countries along with some recovery signs of the shipbuilding market and marine transport, etc.,, they are the great and basic advantages for the shipbuilding of Vietnam could develop into a key economic sectors of the country, participate in the process of integration into the national globalization and become a competitive force in the world prestige, confirm an important role in the economic development of maritime implementation of Vietnam's maritime strategy. Thus Vietnam shipbuilding industry must build roadmap for rapid and sustainable development, including science and technology to be paid much more attention to become the leading production force of mechanical industry of the country.

Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Su

                                                                             Secretary of Party Committee

                                                                    Chairman of the Board of Members

Shipbuilding Industry Corporation

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