Market and Business Administration is new year goal of SBIC

Introduction: On the occasion of new spring, Shipbuilding Industry Magazine has had an interview with Mr. Vu Anh Tuan, the General Director of the Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (SBIC). According to him, in 2015, SBIC must be confirmed by the market and operational management of production and business, because it is the objective of the restructuring plan that the Government and the Ministry of Transport has set out for SBIC, which is the spearhead for the implementation of maritime economy.


As you know, 2015 is the second year of SBIC, surely firstly“being crestfallen” will be replaced by some initial breakthroughs of a corporation which is defined as the spearhead of the marine economy?

Implementing Decision No. 1224/QD-TTg dated on July 26th, 2013 by the Prime Minister on the continued restructuring of the Shipbuilding Industry Group of Vietnam and Decision No. 3287/QD-BGTVT by the Minister of Transport to establish the Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (SBIC), so 2014 is the first year of operation of SBIC. Describing the status of SBIC as crestfallen partially right, because SBIC must reorganize its operations, including up to 234 enterprises who cannot be maintained in the new organization of the Corporation, and 165 other enterprises which have been dissolved, liquidated or bankrupt.
The matter that a significant amount of the restructuring must be conducted in parallel with production and business is really embarrassing sometimes. But in 2015, the implementation of the activities of the Corporation shall be conducted more aggressively, with more breakthroughs.
Mr.Vu Anh Tuan,
the General Director of the SBIC.


How will be the breakthrough sir?

It will lay out in the development of market and capability, quality on operational management for production and business. Two issues will be crucial to the coherent, certain and sustainable development of SBIC, which confirming the success of the restructuring plan.


Could you please clarify two objectives set for 2015 of SBIC?

The first issue is the market. Shipbuilding must have some market for consumption. Because ship items cannot be sold as other products. If you want to make shipbuilding, you must get orders from domestic and foreign markets. At domestic market, even fishing vessels must be ordered by fishermen. For foreign orders, it must have specific contracts: who is the owner of the ship build, what kind of ship built? Like any shipbuilding industry in any country, when we have a shipbuilding industry, we must find the world market, exploit market opportunities both domestically and internationally.

To do so, the management and operation of business must be developed in adequate level. If you want to build the ships which can meet international standards, you must have consistent management. In this way we can reach out to new markets. The world’s shipbuilding market still exists, the problem is whether SBIC can integrate back into it or not.


To be able to integrate back into playground of the world’s shipbuilding market, what will the Corporation have to do in 2015 sir?

SBIC must conduct-cooperation with big foreign partners, through the work of equitization of current shipbuilding facilities to improve capability and technology. The goal of the State is to make the shipbuilding industry a spearhead in implementing maritime economy strategy; focusing on producing some kinds of ship in accordance with conditions for development of Vietnam, establishing trust on the world market that Vietnam is a country with a high quality shipbuilding.

In the plan by the Prime Minister for the Ministry of Transportation implemented from the first quarter of 2015 to the first quarter of 2018, it mentions the development and issuance of standards for the shipbuilding industry in Vietnam, gradually applying international standards on technology, environmental protection in the shipbuilding industry (Decision 1901/QD-TTg dated on October 22nd , 2014 by the Prime Minister). SBIC plays a very important role in this matter, we will go to the “playground” of the world’s shipbuilding by doing so.

How will SBIC make international cooperation and equitization for SBIC members units related to the issue of international cooperation? Could you please give some more ideas about this?

Equitization of SBIC member units means implementing multi-ownership. It is a strategic step and changes the view on management. Shipbuilding industry will open and invite foreign strategic investors, not just one Damen (Netherlands) but also South Korea, Japan, etc. as well as some of the developed shipbuilding industries of other nations that want to participate in the shipbuilding industry in Vietnam. We must choose partners carefully because each one has different methods, with different ways of cooperation, also should take account into shipbuilding content. The trend on shipbuilding shift will continue to move from Europe to Asia. Korea and Japan still leads the world in complex shipbuilding technology such as LNG, large-sized containers, offshore drilling ships, etc. We will enter the world’s shipbuilding market in that segment.


How does SBIC determine its role in the Vietnam's shipbuilding industry?

SBIC remains a pivotal role in the shipbuilding industry of Vietnam. That was made clear in the maritime strategy and repeated in Decision No. 1901/QD-TTg dated on Octorber 22nd, 2014 by the Prime Minister: "Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (SBIC) plays a pivotal role".

After restructuring, human resources of SBIC are collapsed, ensuring sufficient capacity, full employment and full capacity for tender packages on shipbuilding from abroad. However, it is clear that capacity on management, production and organization or, in general, corporate management must be upgraded to the next level. In doing so, SBIC can dominate the market, must become a reliable accompany when going to the sea to be able to service the maritime economy and integrate the world’s shipbuilding market.


Thank you for the conversation in this spring.
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