In response to the campaign "Vietnamese people give priority to Vietnamese goods" of the Ministry of Politics to enhance competitiveness, prestige and pride Products – Services of Vietnamese. At the same time preventing the production of counterfeits, substandard goods in order to protect the interests of businesses and consumers.
Under the direction and auspices of the Association of Science and Technology of Vietnam, Association of Standard and Consumer Protection of Vietnam, the Magazine of Consumers was in collaboration with Hong Gia TTP Telecommunications and Trades JSC to conduct market survey and research to take consumer opinions to implement the program of Election and Certification for "Good Vietnamese Products – Perfect Services" in 2014.
            Awarded with the certificate of Good Vietnamese Products - Perfect Services
The program of Election and Certification for "Good Vietnamese Products – Perfect Services" in 2014 was to honor and reward the products and services with good quality, reputation with consumers of manufacturing enterprises across the country. The products and services which meet the basic criteria: good quality, high reputation for consumers, not infringing the intellectual property, country of origin, being environmentally friendly, with highly competition, etc. will be certified as Good Vietnamese Products – Perfect Services. This helps consumers identify products or services of good quality in accordance with the needs and health of Vietnamese people.
Steel fishing vessel of SBIC was selected by consumers as one of the 20 typical products of Vietnam in 2014, was granted by the Organizing Committee the certificate for Good Vietnamese Products – Perfect Services in Hanoi on July 11, 2014 recently. This event shows that consumers in Vietnam have properly appreciated the achievements and efforts of SBIC in the preparation of technical facilities, to meet the market demand and provide for Vietnam fishermen products with high quality, helping to change the lives of fishermen in practical and necessary action, which means helping fishermen have the means to improve their living standards, and protect the sovereignty of the country.
                                    Steel fishing vessel of SBIC

The plan for sampling 10 steel fishing vessels for fishermen has been prepared for years by the Corporation. Until now, 4 steel fishing vessels have been completed and handed over to the fishermen. Through offshore trips for fishing, fishermen have highly appreciated that the vessel of the Corporation is suitable for fishing, fuel consumption meets the requirements, safety as well as operation features are not only higher than those of traditional wooden ships but maintenance for fished products is improved significantly.


Being certified by the Organizing Committee the program "Good Vietnamese Products – Perfect Services" contributes to improving the credibility of the business and consumer awareness across the country as well as the sense of responsibility of the business with consumers through the campaign "Vietnamese people give priority to Vietnamese goods". Also contributing to the maintenance of economy and stability of society. This is one of good opportunities for businesses to be able to promote their images of products and services to consumers across the country to promote the production and business of enterprises.


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